Proposition 64 is the consensus measure based on recognized best practices to control, regulate and tax responsible adult use, sale and cultivation of marijuana in California.

Adult’s aged 21+ will be allowed to possess marijuana, and grow small amounts at home for personal use. Sale of marijuana will be legal and highly regulated to protect consumers and kids.

This measure brings California’s marijuana market out into the open much like the alcohol industry. It will be tracked, regulated, taxed and we will no longer be minimizing responsible adults or incarcerating children.

Prop 64 includes strict anti-monopoly provisions and protects small farmers, so California’s marijuana industry isn’t overrun by mega-corporations.

According to the independent Legislative Analyst and Governor’s Finance Director, these reforms will save the state tens of millions of dollars annually in reduced taxpayer costs – and raise up to $1 billion in new tax revenues annually.

Majority of revenues will be allocated to: Teen drug prevention and treatment, Protecting the environment from the harms of illegal marijuana cultivation and Supporting economic development in communities disproportionately impacted by marijuana prohibition.

Includes toughest-in-the-nation protections for children, our most vulnerable citizens. Protects workers, small businesses, law enforcement and local communities. Ends needless deportations, many of which are driven by marijuana law violations.

The measure builds on the bipartisan legislation signed by Governor Brown to control and regulate California’s medical marijuana industry, and is modeled after national best practices, lessons learned from other states, and the recommendations of the Lieutenant Governor’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Marijuana Policy.